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There are two great medicines: Diet and Self-Control. - Max Bircher, 1962

Optimal Health Program

This program will transform your body, educate you on optimal health and fitness, and give you all of the ingredients for ongoing success. It is the perfect combination of everything you have been searching for.

You will receive a full health history, a customized diet and fitness program, and ongoing measurements. Daily 100% organic meals and snacks will be prepared and delivered to your home each day. To compliment your high quality nutrition, you will also receive personal training sessions four times a week. It is like having a personal chef, diet consultant, personal trainer, and life coach all in one and just for you!


Optimal Health Corner

Does caffeine hinder weight loss? – Amber, Maryland

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Health Tip

Stretching is highly recommended either before or after your workout but can really be done at any time. Corrective stretching is done before exercise but after a warm-up to lengthen chronically short muscles and help your body remain aligned properly. Relaxation stretching is done after exercise to lengthen muscles and help them return to their pre-workout length. Both types are good, should be regularly, should only be done when muscles are warm and should feel comfortable and painless.